Your Financial Future - November 9, 2021

Inflation continues to be one of the economy’s biggest financial concerns. Gasoline is at a 7-year high and a dollar a gallon more than last year at this time. Grocery prices are rising rapidly with many items up 10%.             Economist look at inflation in different ways. Core inflation tracks prices of goods and services. […]

Your Financial Future - September 10, 2021

Seniors face many challenges when planning for retirement. Multiple surveys have indicated that the number one fear in retirement is running out of money. Because of this, many people live a” just in case retirement.” This means they are afraid to spend money in case something goes wrong. Maybe the stock market crashes. Maybe we […]

Your Financial Future - August 3, 2021

We are now half way through 2021. It seems hard to believe, but true. Hopefully the rain will end and allow us to enjoy summer. Many people made New Year’s resolution to improve their financial health. If you were one of them, it might be a good time to monitor your progress?             Financial stress […]

Your Financial Future - June 7, 2021

At the recent Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting, Warren Buffett said, he sees, “very substantial inflation and rising prices.” His company owns one of the major home builders, Clayton Homes. Among some of his other companies are Benjamin Moore paints and Shaw carpeting and many others. He said, “We are raising prices, people are raising prices […]

Your Financial Future - April 8, 2021

If you owned a business that was gaining 10,000 customers a day, you would probably be hiring additional staff and opening new locations. To retain these clients in the commercial world, you would have to provide excellent service. After all, time is money.             Yet, in the public world, an entity that is growing at […]