2021 and Beyond

We have created a series of on demand webinars to provide you with valuable information. You can watch them from home or whenever you have an internet connection. They are available 24-hours per day. Please enjoy and let me know any questions that you have or to get information about implementing these planning strategies. The average length of each workshop is about 32 minutes.

Weathering the Storm

This workshop was created to deal with all of the uncertainty from the COVID-19 crisis. It discusses previous Black Swan events and discusses strategies to deal with the new economy. Things are changing structurally throughout the entire world economy. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Make sure your family is prepared. Why not watch today?


Taxes in Retirement

Taxes could be your biggest expense in retirement. Most families will face the Widow Penalty which could make your tax rate quadruple.  These asset losses can be reduced with pro-active tax planning. Decisions you make every day can have a big impact on how much you owe. Tax rate must go up in the future because of the size of the government deficit. Watch this workshop to reduce your tax burden.


Social Security for Boomers

Social Security is one of the biggest retirement assets most people have. Yet many people make decisions that could cost their families tens of thousands of dollars of lifetime income. Not understanding the system can be costly. Spend a half hour watching this workshop and help your family’s wellbeing. People with large balances in 401(k) s, IRAs and other such vehicles are especially vulnerable to tax torpedoes. Watch this info and call the office at 724-684-6600 for more information.


Medicare and Healthcare in Retirement

Most people spend more on healthcare in retirement than many other things. One study says a 65-year old couple will spend $265,000 during their lifetime. This includes insurance premiums and out of pocket cost, but does not include any long-term care expenses. Watch this workshop to learn where you may be spending more than necessary. Take control and manage these expenses.