Many advisors would like to help you manage your investments. If this is done without considering your total financial picture, your family could receive less than optimal results. While you certainly want good investment outcomes, not coordinating in a holistic plan can be very expensive.
Many people save in a less than optimal way which can create a huge tax burden in the future. There are only four variables that anyone can control. Market performance is not one of them. Call the office to learn how to use math and science to enhance your portfolio.


Most people do not have a pro-active tax plan. We have developed a Tax Management Journey working with a professor from one of America’s leading universities. This process helps to make strategic decision to lower your overall tax bill.

Many elements contribute to your tax mitigation strategies. We want to try and defuse tax time bombs, have as little of Social Security taxed as possible and minimize the widow’s penalty. Remember, it is not just how much you earn that is important, but how much you get to keep. Most people under estimate their tax liability. If you have $600,000 in qualified accounts, about one third of that could belong to the IRS. Let us help you reduce the governments share.

Estate Planning

While most people think of estate planning as leaving things to children and grandchildren, we believe that it starts first with your spouse. Upon the first death, we know income will go down because one SS check will be lost. Often pension income is also reduced. Expenses stay about the same. You do not get a discount on property taxes or a new roof because only one person is living in the house.

What goes up dramatically is income tax. A typical middle class family might see a widow’s taxes rise over 400%! This coupled with reduced income can be devastating. Let us help you prepare and be ready for all the other challenges during this difficult time.

Insurance Planning

Insurance planning helps to transfer some of the risks in life. It can be related to property loss, loss of life, disability or even loss of income. There is no one insurance company that is best at everything. We have many highly rated companies to find the best and most cost efficient means to protect your assets.

Many people do not realize that Medicare does not cover long term care cost. While no one wants to move into a nursing home, let us show you how you may be able to receive care in your own home and you get to hire the nurses. Market Watch predicts that a 65 year old American has a 70% chance of needing some type of long term care. Women average needing 3.7 years of care while men average 2.2 years. Let us show you ways to get coverage without paying monthly premiums.

Social Security

Social Security is one of your most valuable retirement assets. Many people make decisions in their early 60’s that affect the surviving spouse for decades to come. Often people do not understand all of the ramifications of these choices.

Let us help explain the many options and generate a Social Security Maximization report to review your options. Many people do not realize how much their SS decisions affect their taxes. People with large balances in 401(k) s and IRAs have to be especially careful. The wrong choices can be very expensive in a number of different areas.

Healthcare and Medicare Planning

We know that as we age, most people spend more money on healthcare. A recent study by Fidelity Investments found that a 65-year old couple will spend $285,000 on out of pocket health care expenses in their lifetimes. This counts Medicare Part B cost, insurance premiums and out of pocket cost. It does not include long term care expenses.

Many people do not realize that there are several ways to cover deductibles and co-insurance in Medicare. Sometimes people are only shown one option. Let our Medicare specialist help you find the choice that provides coverage for your doctors and medications at the lowest possible out of pocket choice.

The Value of Holistic Planning

Our Process helps middle income families enjoy the benefits of holistic planning that was previously only available to the ultra-wealthy