Your Financial Future - October 9, 2019

When preparing for retirement, it is important to understand the money cycle. Most people think there are only two parts to it, when there are really three parts. While you are working, you are in the accumulation phase. You are paying down major debts such as a mortgage and student loans.             You are hopefully […]

Your Financial Future - July 8, 2019

Many people create a financial plan for when they retire, but they must make sure that it co-ordinates with their life plan. Retirement planning always begins with an income plan. How much money do you need to pay your bills? At the lowest level, that is surviving. Having a home and all of the living […]

Your Financial Future - June 4, 2019

The world has gotten a lot crazier over the last couple of weeks. North Korea has launched more missiles after a temporary lull. They were not inter-continental types which is a good thing. Venezuela is in chaos and they are a major oil exporting country. Someone launched a drone strike against an oil pumping station […]

Your Financial Future - January 22, 2019

Some people are fortunate enough to have enough financial resources to leave a legacy to family members or some special cause. If they have accumulated more than they need to consume in their lifetimes, they may be able to multiply the size of their gift with proper planning. Today, we are going to discuss tax […]

Your Financial Future - December 10, 2018

Last December, Congress passed the biggest tax law changes in thirty years. It will change the way we file our taxes for 2018. This week, we will discuss how the changes will affect people going through a divorce. Since 1942, the person paying alimony got to take payments off of their income and the person […]